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    We are always looking for motivated
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“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde

We know how precious your time is. So we promise your experience with us will be a magical partnership, if you are willing to be hands on and get the job done.

Witness your actions transforming lives and you’ll be so addicted, you just keep coming back for more.

Must have traits:
– Energetic
– Passionate
– Reliable
– Patient and Understanding
– Team Player

Available roles:
– PWD Kaki

Kaki – a buddy, someone you do things with. That’s the scope for this role.

Give yourself the chance to receive the warmth and happiness Persons with Disabilities are so ready to give. Get to know them beyond their conditions, ask them about their likes and pick up traits of their personality. In essence, create a fun session for them and a rich learning experience for yourself.

It’s not a requirement to have prior experience or long-term commitment. We welcome anyone! If you’re keen to volunteer, please fill your details below to register your interest with us and let us know your availability. We will get back to you asap!

volunteer at society staples
be part of society staples

Be part of the team!

We take you and your time spent with us really seriously.

That means a huge investment of our time and effort to ensure you learn and grow daily, structuring a plan to achieve all your #internshipgoals, and nurture you to be an independent, socially conscious, quick thinking creative problem solver.

But let us dish it to you upfront. All our team members work really hard, produce amazing quality work and wear multiple hats. It’s tough at Society Staples. To survive, you’ll require grit, adaptability, and deal with frustrations. If a fast-paced, dynamic and sometimes stressful environment scares you, then we are not quite the company you want to work for. Don’t say we did not warn you.

But if you are willing to go through some hardships to discover your potential and grow, you’ll get first row seats to how we create a more inclusive future, see us red-eyed on mornings too early preparing for events, having colleagues and even bosses as friends and break out into bouts of laughter till your tummy hurts.

Society Staples is on a hunt for individuals to join our warm-hearted family.

Position Openings:

1. Events Coordinator 

If you are a hands-on person and possess both a hawkeye (so no detail nor information slips pass you) and ever-flowing creative juice (to create captivating experiences), we definitely want you!

Experience the adrenalin rush and great sense of satisfaction when you personally witness the event you have been working on coming to life. More importantly, you are THAT individual directly creating opportunities and raising awareness for persons with disabilities with every decision you make and every second of your time spent at work.

Just a heads up; this role is not just all fun. You have to be an awesome multi-tasker and a strong communicator with the ability to churn out quality work at great speed. After all, events is the heart of what Society Staples does and it is our main source of activity that facilitates a more inclusive society for persons with disabilities.

You cannot expect a less demanding job, right? Especially when you are part of the team pushing for change to make society ‘see’ that persons with disabilities deserve a shot in life.

Head over here and check out the job description and requirements.

If you love what we do and are interested in an internship or to join us full-time, we want to hear from you! Please submit your CV below and tell us why!

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