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Our Story

Ryan and Debra’s first foray into the disability sector started with a dragon boat session for deaf people one weekend in 2012.
Then another. And another.
Since then, the duo have not stopped rowing. What started as a weekend project, Deaf Dragons, has now morphed into a sustainable venture with a bigger purpose – the social enterprise Society Staples is today.
When Ryan and Debra first started, they had one aim in mind: to use their love for dragon boating to combat condescending attitudes towards Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) in Singapore. Over time, their vision to build an inclusive Singapore has only grown.


Our Vision

To build an inclusive future where every Person with Disability can maximise his/her potential and be embraced as integral members of society

What We Do

We know you love to win. We do too. Our team building workshops are designed to help you develop empathy, team synergy, and an understanding of social inclusion, to yield win-win results for your company, and a better world.

Maximise your investment in doing good – promote social inclusion for PwDs and radical innovation through designing novel community events with Society Staples.

For students:

Seeking adventure, purpose, and a novel way to give back to the community? Try something new with Society Staples’ experiential activities, and learn how you can be a part of promoting social inclusion.

For teachers:

Think different. Try Society Staples’ unique programmes and inspire young people to enhance their own passions by combining it with a good cause.

Our Trusted Clients

Our Clients’ Testimonials


why choose us

We are definitely out of the ordinary, we’re win-win or bust, we’re full of youth, savvy, and ready to show you our society in all its glory. We do right by you while we all do good for everyone else, what more could you ask for. Read more about the difference here, and if you don’t believe us, hear what other people have had to say below!

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